Backpacker and hostels: connected worldwide

We bring backpacker and hostels or any other accommodation successfully together and give both great experiences.

Without hostels, there would be no backpacker and without backpacker, there would be no hostels. We know how important both sides are. Therefore it is our goal to support both accommodations and travellers extensively.

From backpacker for backpacker

We are passionate travellers and have been successfully managing and working in hostels ourselves for years. During this time we have always had a friendly ear and took this chance to deepen and expand our knowledge about the needs of both sides.

The logical consequence was for us to build our own website Here we make, what has been missing for us on the market, but is very important for both sides, happen:

Fairness, honesty, trust, fun and especially great experiences.

The booking is the first step

The booking is not the most important thing about a trip, but it is the first step to a great experience. It decides about the atmosphere of the whole holiday.

If the booking process is easy, clear and secure, everybody will be satisfied right from the beginning. That way all of you have more time to concentrate on the travel experience itself.

We are there for you

We support all hostels. Not just the big and established ones, but also the small individually managed accommodations. With us everybody has equal chances.

Transparency is one of our principles.

We offer simple booking processes, no further or hidden fees, real ratings, honest profiles, fair commissions and are available for you at any time.

Backpacker and accommodations can feel secure and do not need to worry about anything else than the travel experience itself.