We respect your price policy – no ifs, no buts. The price of a hostel room or bed is subject to a lot of different criteria. You yourself know best, what your service is worth in your location.

Fairness is important to us

Every accommodation has its own characteristics. This can be special furnishing, exceptional service or an exclusive supplemental offer. From own experiences we know how sensitive the topic of room prices is and we therefore respect your calculation. We are a fair portal. That is why only you decide what your room will cost in the end. We do not demand any special conditions or discounts, as we know ourselves that good quality is also represented in the price.

Prices can be adjusted any time.

We know that room rates are not static. Many factors define these rates. It is important to us, that this flexibility can be kept by you as the owners of the accommodation.

By a connection to popular Channel Manger the changes of your rates are automatically updated on hostelspots.com. Of course you can change these manually anytime. We rely on self determination and a fair price policy, from which you can benefit as a hostel owner.

Your own room name

Your house is unique and that is how you should be able to describe it on our website. We don't make you use standardized room names, but make it possible for you to use your own individual names. Because there was a good reasons for those room names.

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