Customer ratings or reviews have a big Impact in these times of the internet. They decide if an accommodation has a good occupancy rate or is avoided by guests. A lot of guests abstain from a reservation if the accommodation does not have any ratings. Real ratings are therefore an important economic factor for hostel owners. Register your hostel on and benefit from fair and real ratings.

Good ratings influence the commission

Ratings from guests are a big part on Are your guests satisfied with your house and services? Then they can share exactly that with other guests. Short and clearly, they can assign rating points in several different categories. A space for extra comments also gives the guest the option to leave personal suggestions or criticism. With these ratings your ranking increases or decreases on our page.

diagramm rating commission

If you improve your ranking/rating, we reward that with a lower commission.
Compared to other portals our rankings are real: No accommodation can buy a better position. For us, how well you perform is the only thing that counts!

Good reviews increase the number of bookings

As a booking portal we rely on transparency. Reviews can be made online by your guests. Racist, offensive or very unfair reviews will not be accepted. That way you can be sure that your hostel is rated realistically. You can always see you ratings and reviews in your back office and you have the possibility to react to criticism fast and efficiently, adjusting your services to the guests’ wishes.
With our rating system we would like to help increase the quality of your house continually, to the satisfaction of both you and your guests. To support that we only consider the reviews and ratings of the last six months.

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