Guaranteed bookings are an important service to the guests and is a daily fair for hostels. A lot of guests check in very late and of course want to be able to move into their room. That makes it all the more painful, if they unexpectedly don't show up and the rooms stays empty for that night. With you are not left with these costs of the first night.

No deficit in case of a no-show

On guests can cancel their reservation for free 24 hours before arrival. If the cancellation is effected later than that, the full price of the first night will be charged. This will be the same if the guest does not arrive without cancellation. A no-show means a financial deficit because the room stays empty for that night. In order to avoid this financial loss for you, the guest is charged for the price of their first night.

Fair conditions for both the accommodation and the guest.

The accommodation provider and the guest both benefit from our fair conditions on We know that guests want to stay flexible in their planning. Therefore they benefit from a relatively short cancellation deadline. At the same time, you have the security as an accommodation provider to get the payment for the first reserved night in any case. That way we can fulfill the requirements of both you and your guests equally.

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